Federal & Wyoming Accountability Information & Improvement

 Supplemental Education Services (SES) Seconde Enrollment Period is December 7, 2015 to January 8, 2016.

Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP)

What is Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP)?

The phrase Adequate Yearly Progress or AYP is part of the federally mandated accountability defined in the Elementary & Secondary Education Act.  This law is commonly referred to as No Child Left Behind or NCLB.  This law mandated that states establish annual performance targets for students based upon state exams with the eventual goal of every child being proficient or advanced by Spring 2014.  In 2014-2015, Wyoming used the Proficiency Assessment for Wyoming Students (PAWS) and the ACT test to determine what percentage of students were meeting or exceeding grade level expectations.  NCLB asked states to identify increasing expectations (targets) with the goal that all students (100%) would be proficient or advance in language arts and math by the Spring of 2014.  State and Districts are required to inform parents and community members of how the district and individual schools are performing relative to Adequate Yearly Progress targets yearly.

Meeting AYP means that the district or school met the performance targets in math and reading or achieved "safe harbor" by demonstrating growth when results were compared to the previous year.  This also means that the school also met performance targets for different sub-groups of students including students that are on an Individual Education Plans (IEP), recieve Free or Reduced Lunches, are English Language Learners, or based on ethinicity. 

The first year that a school fails to meet the AYP target is considered a "warning" year.  A school is considered to be in need of improvement if they miss AYP for two or more consecutive years. Schools that recieve Federal Title I grant funding will have additional consequences depending on how many years that they have been identified as missing AYP targets.  A school is required to meet Federal AYP targets for two consecutive years to move from Federal "needs improvement status".   

Two school accountability systems impact Wyoming schools.  There is the Federal NCLB accountability system and the Wyoming Accountability in Education Act (WAEA).  The two accountability systems rely heavily on PAWS and ACT results, however they use the test results in different manners along with other additional indicators.  It is possible for a school to be identified as meeting expectations under one accountability system and to be identified as needing improvement with the other system.

Platte #1 & Schools AYP Status for 2015-2016 

As a school district Platte #1 did not meet the AYP targets based upon Spring 2015 Assessment results in both math and reading for the second year.  The AYP target for 2015 was that 100% of students score proficient or advanced on the State assessment.  A school must have a minimum number of students for AYP to be calculated.  District and school AYP results may be found here. The following schools met AYP targets based on spring 2015 PAWS or ACT results:

The following schools did not meet AYP Targets based on Spring 2015 PAWS or ACT results:

 *AYP may not be calculated for some schools or sub-groups due to not meeting required minimum number of students. 

in Spanish 

District parent letter for ayp- 2015 district wide

Spanish district parent letter for ayp- 2015 district wide

Libbey-West AYP Parent Notice 

libbey-west ayp parent notice n Spanish

School Choice Options for Title I Schools in School Improvement

 Libbey Elementary and West Elementary will be considered to be in Year 3- holding or Year 4 of School Improvement under the Federal NCLB during 2015-2016.  Since both school recieve federal funding for Title I programs, they must provide a "School Choice" option. Libbey Elementary and West Elementary parents may elect to transfer their children to Chugwater Elementary.  The window to request school transfer is through August 10, 2015.  To learn more about school choice as an option, please contact the PCSD #1 District Office at 307-322-3175.  The table below notes the number of students offered school choice and the number of students that elected to transfer or exercise the school choice option.

  2012-2013 School Year

2013-2014 School Year 2014-2015 School Year 2015-2016 School Year
# offerred
# transferred # offered  # transferred #offered # transferred
#offered # transferred
Libbey Elementary 233 students   0 students 236 students   1 student 212 students 1 student 198 students  2 students      
West Elementary 198 students   0 students 194 students 1 student 193 students 0 students 234 students  1 student  

7-27-2015 libbey-west school choice parent notice with forms


Supplemental Education Services ("Tutoring" provided outside of the school)

Glendo Elementary, Libbey Elementary, and West Elementary are required to withhold some Title I funding for Supplemental Education Services or SES since they are considered to be in school improvement.  Supplemental Education Services are "tutoring" type services provided by outside vendors to assist student learning and occur either before or after school.   SES services are provided at no cost to parents of eligible students by "providers".  Providers are organizations that are state approved and the parent of eligible students may select which provider to use.  Providers may provide their tutoring services near the school or online using technology. 

Parents of potentially eligible students must apply for SES services and should select a provider.  A list of state approved SES providers is available at the WDE website (Link to WDE Provider List).  Additional, description of the type of service provided is available by expanding the SES Provider Description List found at WDE Title I Program Website.   Please note that this is the list of State approved providers and some SES providers services may not be available in Wheatland.

If the District is not able to provide SES for everyone who requests it, a fair and equitable process will be used to make sure that students in the greatest need recieve services first.  The process used to determine eligibility is outlined in the federal guidance on SES services. Participation in a supplemental service program is kept confidential by the District.

Here is a checklist to help clarify steps to request Supplemental Eduction Services.  Plese remember that SES is only availabe to currently enrolled Glendo Elementary, Libbey Elementary and West Elementary students that meet eligibility criteria.

  1. Reserach potential SES providers that are availble and the type of services they offer.  Select a provider.
  2. Complete the Platte #1 2015_ses_parent_selection_form and submit it to either Sharon Swanson (Libbey Principal) or Vicki Begin (West Principal) or Scott James (District Title I Coordinator) by January 8, 2016.
  3. You will be notified if your child is eligible for SES services shortly after the enrollment window closes.
  4. The school will contact the SES provider and the provider will then be in contact with you.

2015-2016 ses provider list

15-16 ses provider selection request

2015-2016 ses provider descriptions

2015-2016 ses parent information packet

Please note that this is the list of State approved providers and some SES providers services may not be available in Wheatland.

 SES Tutoring Numbers by Year

  # Eligible for SES Services # Enrolled in SES Services
Libbey & West 2013-2014  173 students 6 students
Libbey & West 2014-2015 191 students 9 students
 Libbey & West 2015-2016  174 students 4 students 

Platte #1 Yearly Report Card-

The Wyoming Department of Education assists districts by publishing several reports for the public.  One of these reports is the annual report card for Wyoming districts and their schools.  You may access the annual report card at https://fusion.edu.wyoming.gov/MySites/Data_Reporting/data_reporting_state_report_cards.aspx .

Highly Qualified Teachers and Aides

Platte County School District #1 is committed to providing all children in the system with high quality teachers and aides.  The State has established criteria beyond certification to identify if teachers and aides are "highly qualified" according to the federal "No Child Left Behind" legislation.  Platte #1 works to ensure that all teachers, aides, and substitute teachers are cerfified and that teachers and aides meet highly qualified criteria.

The table idenfies by school the percentage of educators that meet highly qualified criteria by school year.

Percent of Educators Identified as Highly Qualified

School 2012-2013 2013-2014 2014-2015
Chugwater ES 100% 100% 100%
Chugwater JHS/HS 100% 100% 100%
Glendo ES 100% 100% 100%
Glendo JHS/HS 100% 100% 100%
Libbey ES 100% 100% 100%
West ES 100%  94%** 100%
Wheatland MS 100% 100% 100%
Wheatland HS  99.4%* 100% 100%
District 99.8% 99.4% 100%


*In 2012-2013, WHS had a teacher that was identified as not meeting WDE HQ criteria for 1 course that she taught.  This course was only offered for one period on the schedule.  Ironically, the teacher has taught this course for many year and for EWC. The teacher successfully completed the required Praxis test in April 2013 and now meets the WDE HQ requirements. 

**In 2013-2014 West Elementary had one teacher that was a certified teacher, however she was on provisional certification for her assignment.  The teacher was enrolled in a Master Degree program with the University of Wyoming and upon completion will be certified and highly qualified for her additional area.  The teacher was mentored by an experienced and certified teacher for the subject area.   It should be noted that the teacher had ten plus years of non-teacher experience directly related to the subject area she was teaching.

100 percent of PCSD #1 teachers met highly qualified criteria during the 2014-2015 school year.  

Parents are directly notified by mail if they have a child that is being taught by a teacher that does not fully meet the WDE Highly Qualified criteria.